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I recently designed and coded a website for a friend who wanted to start their own “luxury products” weblog. Unfortunately (for both of us), they no longer have enough time to write for it and left me with a site that I have no idea how to write for.

After a few failed auction attempts (at prices well below its worth), I have decided to put My Refined up for grabs right here. While it was a rush job and I didn’t have much time to do any actual design, the site certainly isn’t ugly and is at least coded well.

Leave a comment with why you think you should get this website and I’ll give it to you (domain and all), bonus points for anyone who makes a donation to a charity for it.

  1. Although I’m not looking for another site I think it’s an excellent design and very well coded.

    Good luck with it.

    Matt Jones

    Apr 5, 08:36 AM #

  2. I’m definitely liking the design of that site.

    Oh, and why is your CSS still in place?! It’s Naked Day!


    Apr 5, 09:27 AM #

  3. I think I should get this website because I’m new at this coding gig and love how clean it looks, I’d love to be able to take a look at the CSS, etc…
    Also I’m very poor so the domain would be a godsend.
    I could make a small donation to a charity, I think, although I work for a non-profits arts organization so a donation through my org would, I think, be more valuable…

    Jarret Clement

    Apr 5, 09:27 AM #

  4. That’s a really nice looking site. One thing I did notice, it was taking an oddly long time to load. Looking in the source, I noticed that the runtime was quite long (< !-- Runtime: 28.117 -->). Just thought you might want the heads up.

    Adrian Kostrubiak

    Apr 5, 09:48 AM #

  5. Dylan: I know its Naked Day, but I just couldn’t handle it.

    If you want to see what my site looks like without CSS go to “View” > “Page Style” > “No Style” in Firefox. Trust me, my code is fine :D


    Apr 5, 10:57 AM #

  6. Oooh, mememe


    Apr 5, 08:45 PM #

  7. Semi-long-time lurker, first-time poster.

    My Refined is a really well designed Web site that’s ready to rock. And while I can’t say I wouldn’t reconsider the way the type of content that is created on the site, I would say that the opportunity to start somewhere (I haven’t even really done much to establish my own personal Web space) that’s got a base sounds awesome.

    Also, I haven’t donated to Camp Sunshine in a while and I used to volunteer there, so I’ll make a donation should I get this site.

    So, in short, please consider me.

    Nic Barajas

    Apr 6, 01:08 AM #

  8. Hello. I am also a long-time lurker/reader – first time poster. I would like to place my name in the entry. I am currently attending school at the Univerity of Cincinnati. I have never had my own personal blog (besides Blogger) mainly because it’s kinda expensive to put that whole thing together initially. I’m 32 and don’t qualify for Financial Aid so I pay for school on my own. Since all of my moolah is taking care of tuition and books and lab fees, plus regular life stuff, I haven’t had money to properly establish a site. I would love to be able to use “My Refined” as a true blogging platform for me to talk about all the things that I go thru on a day to day. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d even be able to make a donation to a charity. I know that that’s one of the things that would help you decide, but I’m just being honest.

    Please consider me. If not, I still love your blog!!!


    Frank Young

    Apr 6, 06:55 AM #

  9. Hi. The site is really clean and well coded. Congrats on that. I wouldnt say that I am new to blogging. I run a blog at the link provided but since I am a student I wouldnt mind a free website. Incase you think that I am not serious, you can also chk anshuljain.wordpress.com for my previous blog so you do know that I am serious about maintaining an online presence.


    Apr 6, 01:00 PM #

  10. I’ll give it a shot
    I don’t have much to offer, like the other folks on here, I love coding and experimenting with new domains all the time.

    I’d give the site a good home and my only promise is to not turn it into a spam site or overly advertised influenced site.

    That’s all I can offer.


    Apr 6, 01:50 PM #

  11. Its clean, and well designed. I’m working with a non-profit that recycles ‘refined’ clothing and so forth and then auctions them off at pricey events – like a way for rich people to buy back their things, only after they’ve been recycled by the poor. – They get a warm and fuzzy feeling, and are helping people with jobs and income.

    think freecycle, but local charities get the profit.

    Your site would make a perfect online presence for them. contact me if you want more information…


    Apr 6, 03:23 PM #

  12. This is a very lovely sight.

    I am an artist who isn’t to great with the whole “coding” thing. Something like this would be an excellent solution to alot of the issues I am struggling with right now.

    I would definatly be intrested in it so long as you would give me permission to make some style adjustments to it eventually.


    Apr 6, 03:36 PM #

  13. I think I should get your domain because ninjas>pirates.


    Apr 6, 04:25 PM #

  14. Uh oh, Max brings up an interesting point. I think someone has found his winner.

    Nic Barajas

    Apr 6, 04:45 PM #

  15. Very nice design. However, if you can fix the diagonal striped background, it’d make it that much better. Cause, as it stands currently, the diagonal thingy going across steals the attention.
    Good luck with the site. :)


    Apr 7, 08:29 AM #

  16. Sorry I haven’t been around but the last couple days have been just hectic! I literally have not slept since Monday night :D

    I’ll leave things open here until midnight this Sunday 9th (Eastern US time).


    Apr 7, 12:03 PM #

  17. First of all, this is a freaking cool idea, and even if I come in last place, I give you serious props!

    Now, I have been blogging at a few different sites, (mahix2.com the most) for a few years now, but have never really been able to find a cool topic/genre to really get into. Then recently I read Thomas Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Mind, which is based on Dr. Stanley’s exhaustive research of all things millionaire. That book really got me excited about my personal “quest towards financial freedom,” and My Refined would be a great place where I could chronicle a mixture of the scene of the good life, and my personal stories of trying to get there.

    Finally, thinking about how I could scrape up a couple extra bucks for a charitable donation (I’m a broke college student for 2 more months) I realized that it would only be fitting that ANY and ALL revenues generated through the (ie Amazon or other affiliate programs for product reviews or even possibly an AdSense account) would be donated directly to MakePovertyHistory.org.

    I look forward to seeing where this ends up!

    Rick Maher

    Apr 7, 08:53 PM #

  18. The site goes to Rick Maher for a clean, coherent explanation and the promise to donate the site’s revenue to MakePovertyHistory.org.

    Please contact me me to set things up.


    Apr 9, 09:51 PM #

  19. Excellent news; I’m actually pretty glad he got it, because he’ll be able to continue writing about the original purpose of the Web site, luxury. Plus, I probably would have had about as much time as you to do something with it.

    Nic Barajas

    Apr 10, 08:05 PM #

  20. :) I have the same idea, only into German. but I do not only want to write over luxury products.

    3dsl Eugen

    Nov 28, 10:51 AM #

  21. I am impressed with the design. Is there any minimum amount of donation which i have to give.

    Adriana Lima

    Dec 5, 09:28 AM #

  22. I absolutely with agree you, Good luck with it.

    Alice Buses

    Dec 20, 01:12 AM #

  23. Correct, absolutely correct.


    Jan 29, 01:32 AM #

  24. I don’t like your design of food. But I bet you can come up with a whole new design!

    Beverly (p.s. How old are you???)


    Apr 1, 07:02 AM #

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