Redesigns Out the Wazoo

This website has never taken a firm visual style, so frequent redesigns are a way to help me find it. This redesign seems much more free to me – the main content is not bound by any visual borders, and the light colors on the top give the layout a more airy feel.

I’ve also also created a portfolio section to help me organize and display the recent flood of projects I have received once they are completed. Also, the portfolio should help me better archive all the versions of my own site.

If you are exclusively a feed reader, I encourage you to drop by every now and then for a peek. Also, as always the final fate of the site’s design is in your hands; how can I change/improve this layout to make it better for you?

  1. Nice work YET again! I’m big fan of the monochrome look, so much so that for one of my projects I’m designing it totally in monochrome so that I don’t waste time thinking of pretty colours and spend valuable time getting the layout and usability right instead. Then I can always colour it in later.


    Jan 14, 02:08 PM #

  2. Still a great design, but for some reason I prefer the old one, if only a little bit…

    Andrew Hamann

    Jan 14, 03:52 PM #

  3. I must admit, I’ve found the last few versions of this site to be somewhat unbalanced: the copy careers between tiny and huge, with little in between, there are a lot of thick borders and heavy-handed effects, and there just isn’t enough space between elements—-everything feels crowded together.


    Jan 14, 04:11 PM #

  4. “latest” is light, but “extras…” is practically unreadable. Other than that, I’m hip to your simplicity. It also scores well on the SEO Analyzer
    The only problem is the semantic order of your headers.

    Jon Henshaw

    Jan 14, 08:29 PM #

  5. Garri: If you can comment here, I know you can gather up some time to finish up that project :D

    Thanks, I like the simplicity of a monochromatic layout too.

    Andrew: I too liked the old one, but change is good :D

    Benedict: Yes, the styles have been “erratic” at best. I’ve tried adding some spaces in areas that felt especially cramped, but is there any specific area you would like me to improve?

    Jon: Those headlines (latest, extras) are meant more as subtle dividers than major headlines. So, I decided to lighten them up and not assign a large importance (in terms of headline numbering) – I feel that the article titles are more important.

    However, I did darken up their colors a little, so I hope that helps a bit.

    Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming!


    Jan 15, 11:27 AM #

  6. I find the frequent redesigns to add an enjoyable bit of spice to visiting the site, being greeted by something new each time you redesign. However frequent, your redesigns still remain similar enough to each other to retain some sense of a fairly consistent identity.

    I think I enjoy the latest incarnation of the site the most. I like the lightened headers and lack of constraining borders. One thing I think could be improved are the article headers. They might be a little bit too large and on hover, the link background overlaps on characters with descenders.


    Jan 15, 04:08 PM #

  7. Dylan: The lowered line-height on the article titles was intended, but I didn’t account for the overlap when the title included descenders. I think I’ve fixed that and I took the size down a notch.

    Thanks for the tip!


    Jan 16, 01:39 PM #

  8. Thame,

    You finally beat me!


    Jan 16, 04:55 PM #

  9. YES! Finally!


    Jan 17, 04:01 PM #

  10. Garri: If you can comment here, I know you can gather up some time to finish up that project :D

    OK OK, I’m on it – promise ;-)


    Jan 18, 06:28 PM #

  11. I love the look of this site. Sharp!


    Jan 19, 09:42 AM #

  12. May no longer actual, but in my opinion if you use screen resolution 1280 or larger the left and the right side of the page is looking a little bit empty without any borders or optical lines. But it´s true, thinking about the right colours cost a lot of time. I like this design.


    Aug 17, 07:02 PM #

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