The New 9rules

Just when I thought they had completely outdone themselves with the redesign, the talented 9rulers have again gone overboard with a conceptual redesign of the network. 9rules now includes a fantastic browse section that much more effectively divides all the great content into specific categories.

So, if you’re interested in philosophy, head over to the philosophy community which will (eventually) feature the best content from across the category.

What’s even more amazing is that this is apparently only the beginning. Scrivs and company have been very quiet about the recent changes and the even more amazing improvements to come. I’m ecstatic to be a part of such a dynamic group and am really excited about the future of the network.

  1. This new layout makes it very easy for readers such as myself to find great sites through 9rules. Before it was nearly impossible to find new stuff easily by some other way than hitting ‘random’ over and over. Now, bam, any conceivable topic, and it is there…

    Andrew Hamann

    Jan 3, 05:06 PM #

  2. Glad you like it so far and yes, improvements are always going to be just around the corner. We left 2005 behind though, hope nobody misses it.


    Jan 3, 06:30 PM #

  3. Andrew:
    Yes, you touched on a large problem that the new structure has remedied very elegantly. Things seem to have changed from collecting content to helping users read the content.


    Jan 3, 08:12 PM #

  4. Been waiting for this feature for quite sometimes now. It’s great that Scrivs finally implement it on his site.

    Ahmad Zaki

    Jan 3, 10:45 PM #

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