Best of the CSS Reboot

The launch of the today’s CSS Reboot was somewhat anticlimactic because the home page has been down for quite a while now is back in business, but feel free to continue submitting your favorites.

Until their hosting problems are sorted out, I have tried to collect the best of the Reboot so far that I have come across. Feel free to leave any comments on great reboots you’ve found because it is difficult to find them without the organization of the reboot website.


“The Aries Project” is another brilliant work from Bryan Veloso who had already raised the bar with his previous design.

Jeff Croft

It’s a beauty on the outside, but apparently there’s more to it.


A wonderful background and some stunning graphics make Kyle Jones’ “JustKyle” one of my favorites.


Black is the new black, but Phu’s reboot keeps it fresh with some nice warm colors in the footer and a brilliantly simple organization.

Matt Brett

He pulled off pink grunge…need I say more?

Broken Kode

It’s more about the artwork than anything else with Khaled’s redesign. Chock full of personality and amazing artwork.

Jonathan Snook had expressed some concerns about redesigning his popular site, but has managed to please everyone by allowing users to choose what they want. Sick of the light-on-dark? Change the contrast. Low resolution? Drop to two columns. Like the scrolling comment form? Dock it.

Forty Media

Forty Media has rebooted and has a great looking portfolio page.

Orange Coat

A fun little site that went “wicked worn” without overdoing. Curiously fun.

Also, keep an eye out for some Rundle hotness on Business Logs and the (re)birth of his personal site

I will try to keep this updated as learn of more great reboots.

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  1. The site’s back up now and will hopefully stay that way. At 1:00 p.m. EST all the screenshots will go live. So not anticlimatic quite yet :)



    May 1, 07:47 AM #

  2. Thanks Adam. Didn’t mean to take anything away from the site. Just collecting some inspiration.


    May 1, 08:15 AM #

  3. It’s a bit early for some Reboot analysis isn’t it?!


    May 1, 09:33 AM #

  4. sorted by highest score, is up there.

    Just tooting my own horn :)


    May 1, 12:15 PM #

  5. My two cents based on what I’ve clicked on so far: – The first site I clicked on was actually the most surprising thus far. For being one of the few that have nothing to do with web design, I was struck by their ambition: sIFR, .NET 2.0, PNGs and a generally solid design mixed with a lot of humor was surprising to find. – Great design that doesn’t stop just on the home page like so many. Don’t take themselves too seriously either. Nice. – Nothing revolutionary, but a pleasing site front to back. – ”...we are closed until further notice.” Oops.


    May 1, 12:31 PM #

  6. Some of my favorites are:


    May 1, 04:35 PM #

  7. Sam: Probably, we Americans forget the rest of the world doesn’t revolve around us :D

    Joshua: I caught that. Liked your SEO design article as well.

    I actually preferred 45royale’s previous design (which I think came at the last reboot), but this one is still nice. Fresh Branding is pretty clean too.

    Angela: MomAdvice is alot of fun and I really like Orange Coat.


    May 1, 09:46 PM #

  8. The Problem I see here & what really gets my goat, is that these probably aren’t the “best” reboots from the gallery – it’s just a selection of the most recongnisable names in the web standards community.

    I’d take a read of Robert Nyman’s “False Gods” available here:

    Chris Williams

    May 2, 02:47 AM #

  9. Thanks Tom:)


    May 2, 06:17 AM #

  10. Hello. Take a look inside our web site.
    Thank You.


    May 6, 12:46 AM #

  11. Chris: I don’t think I was influence by the “fame” of these designers when I chose them. Thanks for the link to Robert’s article, it was interesting and I really liked it.

    Phu: Awww, shucks.

    Patrizio: Looks good!


    May 7, 07:46 PM #

    The design of has been nicked… Check out the culprit’s site over at, and admire their lack of morals! If anyone feels like emailing ‘Desen Solutions Group’ to complain please just make sure you’re not TOO blunt!! There’s a post over at – see the news page.

    Joshua Hughes

    May 18, 06:38 AM #

  13. Ooh, Joshua. That’s rough.

    I hope you get them to change.


    May 18, 10:16 AM #

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